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Create an SFTP endpoint

What is SFTP

SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol and it is an efficient way to transfer large files over the web. This is necessary if an individual who does not have a tiCrypt account needs to transfer large amounts of data into tiCrypt. SFTP is very similar to making a tiCrypt inbox. If you do not know what an inbox is, please reference the "Access outside information using an inbox" blog first.

How to make an SFTP endpoint

When using SFTP, there needs to be an endpoint the same way it is necessary for an inbox. Create a new directory or use an existing one. Select the directory and then select the "Make Inbox" button as seen below.

Create an SFTP endpoint

You will need to specify the expiration date, the capacity, and the username. Once you have done so, you will be given the credentials link.


If the SFTP inbox is not an option, it means you have not setup the SFTP external server under system settings in the management tab.

This credentials link is what needs to be given to the individual who is transferring in the data. The individual also needs an SFTP client such as WinSCP or Filezilla. Once they transfer in the data, it will appear in the directory that you turned into an SFTP inbox.

For more about how to transfer data into an SFTP client, please visit the "How to use an SFTP client to transfer in data to tiCrypt" blog.