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Users Overview

To view users navigate to tab in the section in the top right panel.

  • Search the user you would like to view.

  • Click on the user name to open the user overlay.

  • Optionally, click on the Three dots and then click Open overlay option.

  • View the four prompt options in the top left panel as follows.

    • User Profile
    • Disable Account Restrictions
    • User State
    • User Role
  • View the five sections in the left panel that can be displayed on the right as follows.

    • Permissions
    • Teams
    • Projects
    • Certifications
    • Groups
  • The complete user profile overlay is similarly described in My Profile section.

  • Click Exit.


To view more information about My Profile go to profile section in users.


You can access users by clicking the Three Dots button in right panel near the user name where you can Open Overlay, Bulk email users, Make annonuncement to users or Disable user's account until a specified date.