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User Overview

Users are the most frequent individuals using the system.


Each user makes a ticrypt account and then waits for its admin to activate their account.

tiCrypt helps users carry out research in a completely secure and functional environment.

Users should use tiCrypt freedom for their benefits by trying various simple operations, in the beginning, to get a feel of the system.

i.e: uploading files to Vault to prepare them for VM transfer; starting their own VM for a demo.

Users can approach the system as their research room for their research needs. They can change the theme, view the team's resources in real-time and simply conduct research in their VMs on their local machine.

User Viewpoints

Each user can see what they are allowed to do in the system and what they are restricted to do when navigating to their profile in the top right corner under their user name.


Users may also view what teams they are in, what projects they belong to, if they have certifications for certain tasks, and what groups they are part of. All are within the user name section.

Users can view messages and updates from their team admins or general admins in the notifications panel, near their user name.

It is useful to often check the notification when there is a red number indicating a message or an announcement.

User Ethics

Users should act cautiously and intelligently when it comes to using tiCrypt. For example, assuming no responsibility when leaving a physical machine open and logged on, could lead to a physical breach that may come from the user's lack of care.

To live in a fully secure environment, users should assume the potential hazards which may come from their research habits.

To start right, users may want to attend the training session on how to use tiCrypt in the first place. This training is usually taught by the system admin or the project leader/ PI.