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Deleted Users

Deleted Users Overview

A deleted user is a user who is no longer able to log in to the system but files and work that they did inside the system remain.

  • A deleted user no longer shows up in groups, projects or teams.
  • Deletion of a user moves the user to the Deleted Users section.

Reinstate Deleted Users

To reinstate deleted users navigate to tab in the Deleted Users section.

  • Select the deleted user(s) you would like to reinstate.
  • Click the Reinstate button in the top right.
  • In the prompt, click .
  • Any user can be reinstated as long as the garbage collector has not already removed them.
  • Every deployment file has a set of instructions that direct the file cleanup.
  • After a certain amount of time, the garbage collector comes and permanently removes any unused data.
Reinstate User

You cannot delete users if they own an active drive or if they are part of a team.


After reinstating a user, you should add them back into their teams and projects to function as usual.