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Resources by Project

Resources by Project Overview

Resources by Project section allow you to view all resources used within a specified project.

Users can view resources used by each project in which they are certified. The following columns are shown.

  • Project Name
  • Number of VMs
  • Cores
  • Memory
  • Total drives
  • Attached drives
  • Total disk space

There are no specific actions in this section other than the standard actions in the projects section. It is simply a way to view resource usage.

Resources by Project View

Resources by projects have several buttons in the top panel similar to the projects, which allow for multiple workflows.

The similar buttons are shown below:

  • . Open Overlay
  • . Add member(s)
  • . Assign project to Sub-admin(s)
  • . Create subproject`
  • . Edit
  • . Make an announcement
  • . Delete