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Resources by User

Resources by User Overview

Admins can view resources used by each user in the system. The following usage columns are shown.

  • User Name
  • Number of VMs
  • Number of Cores
  • Total Memory
  • Total drives
  • Attached drives
  • Total disk space

There are no specific actions in this tab other than the standard actions in the users overview section. It is a way to view resources by the user.

View Resources by User

To view resources by user navigate to tab in the Resources by User section.

  • Select the user you would like to view resources of.
  • View how many VMs, Cores, Memory, Total Drive Size, Attached Drives and Vault Storage Disk Space a user has used.
  • Selecting a user in this section will display the same options in the top panel from the users overview section.
  • Double-clicking on the resource will display the user profile in the left panel.
  • When creating a new tiCrypt account, the optional notes for the admin will show up in the left panel.