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Management Overview

Welcome to the Admin Management section!

In this section
  • Introduction to using the subadmin managed objects.
  • How to activate a user account.
  • How to create & manage teams, groups and projects.
  • Introduction to managing the realms.
  • Introduction to managing the hosts.
  • How to create hardware profiles.
  • How to manage the Libvirt volumes.
  • How to create a virtual machine image.
  • How to manage the running VMs.
  • How to create virtual machine hardware setups.

Sub-admin Managed Objects

The Sub-admin Managed Objects section is the command center for sub-admins. Each sub-admin will be assigned to a team, project or both, by an admin or a super-admin. This action allows the sub-admins to partially act as an admin in the context of the object they were assigned to.

Some of the advanced functions such as XML descriptions, system settings, and others are permanently unavailable to sub-admins since they are linked with the super-admin realm.

User Account Activation

Realms Overview

Hosts Overview

Hardware Profiles

Libvirt Volumes

VM Images

Running VMs

VM Hardware Setups

You have completed the admin tutorials. You can practice more of the actions you learned by using tiCrypt. Optionally, you can explore Sub-admin Overview to learn more about activities you have in common with sub-admins.