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tiCrypt Version 2.0.27 Release

· One min read
Betuel Gag

  • Fix Duplicate drive listing in template for edge case
  • Fix Non-owner home drive visibility upon first connection
  • Fix Dismiss error tasks in the task widget
  • Fix Deselect all when navigating to a new folder in the VM transfer
  • Fix Home drive list select and deselect
  • Fix User Management shows team count instead of a list if the user is in more than two teams
  • Fix Storing key when an ongoing transfer occurs
  • Fix Refresh errors on VM shutdown
  • Fix Duplicates in drive table
  • Fix Replace text in modals
  • Fix Scrollbar on table element
  • Fix Drive and VM table CSS

Bulk edit action on Project Membership

Add OS type icon to VM information panel

Disable account until feature for User Management