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tiCrypt Version 2.0.25 Release

· 2 min read
Betuel Gag

  • Fix Add enum filters for Management columns
  • Fix Make attaching and mounting of drives synchronous
  • Fix CSS for VM detail panel
  • Fix CSS for Running VM panel
  • Fix Auto update drive, team, and project restrictions information when changes made
  • Fix Maintain search results while switching tabs
  • Fix Counts for user profile permissions auto-update when changed
  • Fix Wording change for user update in the action bar
  • Fix Unshare drives for all users under Management
  • Fix Add project filter to all models that assign a project
  • Fix Management column sorting
  • Fix CSS drive list menu alignment
  • Fix Modal to resolve duplicate names
  • Fix General CSS UI issues

Drive Usage warning for the home drive on VMs

Show team information with VM basic information

Every search bar has a clear field option

Use new drive share API