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tiCrypt Version 2.0.17 Release

· 2 min read
Betuel Gag

  • Fix: Highlighting issue when checking and unchecking permissions for User or User Profile
  • Fix: Deactivated users do not show up as new in the table
  • Fix: Remove Spice from device options for Video
  • Fix: No spaces supported in Project Tag to avoid becoming unreadable
  • Fix: Auto-dismiss tasks after 10s instead of 3s
  • Fix: Download failed notification shows correct File Name
  • Fix: Taskbar always appears in front of all modal (largest z-index)
  • Fix: Taskbar is opened for all actions
  • Fix: VM logs are in order-by-date newest first
  • Fix: Single VM Primary Action (RDP) replaced with four VM action icons
  • Fix: Missing notifications for groups added
  • Fix: Export tables in Management
  • Fix: Grid scrolling for Hardware Setups now displays all information
  • Fix: Filtering selection options to remove items already assigned to user
  • Fix: Text alignment for project banners
  • Fix: VM List header sections fixed when scrolling
  • Fix: Remove non-usable buttons in the Local Machine Transfer panel
  • Fix: Change the message on the drive delete modal to be more succinct.
  • Fix: Edit the expiration date of shared files