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As of version 3.2.0, tiCrypt requires a MongoDB replication set for transactions.

Single-node Configuration

  1. While it is possible to set up a single-node replica set, it is not recommended for a non-testing environment.

In order to set up a single-node replica set, add this to the MongoDB config file (By default found in /etc/mongod.conf)

replSetName: ticrypt
  1. replSetName can be set to anything, e.g. the name of a specific deployment.

Then, launch mongo through systemctl:

systemctl enable mongod.service
systemctl start mongod.service

Once the mongod instance is running, log into the db through the mongo shell and execute rs.init(). After restarting mongod, the service should now start as a single-node replica set.

Multiple-node Configuration

<TODO: Complete section on multi-node here after this is figured out>