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What is a Site-Key?

A Site-key is a key that is used for very limited and specific scenarios that involve Escrow users. Please reference Escrow . In tiCrypt, there is a single site-key User. This user is NOT one that is involved and or uses tiCrypt the way a user, admin, or super admin does. The Site-key user is a removed individual who has the ability to add and remove escrow users as well as add and remove escrow groups. The site-key user is the only user in the system that must be signed off by Tera Insights.

Create and activate Site-key

In order to create a Site-key, a user must first select the interface dropdown located at the top right side of the login box. This is defaulted to "tiCrypt." Once a user navigates to the correct interface, they can register by selecting the green "CREATE A SITEKEY" button. They will be directed to a step that explains how the system generates both a unique private and public key that defines who the user is. The private key must be protected at all costs and must never be distributed. The public key, on the other hand, may not only be released but must be given to Tera Insights for countersigning. Next, the user creates a password and then they are directed to download and save both their private and public keys. At this step, there is a default name for both the public and private keys. The user may choose to download with the default or give each of their keys a name.

Register as a Site-Key User

Next, the user must email their PUBLIC key to Tera Insights in order for their key to be registered as the site-key for the system. Once the key is countersigned, the user may log in with their PRIVATE key as follows.

Login as a Site-Key