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User Certifications

User Certifications

A user certification is just a pairing of a user and a security requirement. They are created by admins, and the very existence of a certification in the database means the user meets the requirement. Certifications are uniquely identified by the user and requirement, meaning there can be at most one certification for a particular user and requirement.

A certification may have an expiration date, after which the user is no longer certified until the certification gets updated, i.e., renewed. It depends on the individual requirement (see above) whether certifications for that requirement must expire.

All User Certifications tab

In the User Certification tab, all of the certifications are sorted showing each user that holds the certification, when it expires, when it was created, and when it was last modified. Users can be searched and Requirements can be searched.

There are actions for each certification as follows.

Certify a user Grant a user the certification for thsi requirement.
EditAllows users to edit the expiration date of the user's certification. If a user's certification was created with an expiration date, expiration cannot be removed in this tab.
Delete Users can completely delete the certification given to a user.

All three actions can be viewed below.

Certification tab