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tiCrypt Version 2.0.34 Release

· 2 min read
Betuel Gag

  • Fix VM tables open on User first (not Manager)
  • Fix Remove flat transfer option for directories
  • Fix Formally ban autofill for secure fields
  • Fix Deletion of multiple licensing servers
  • Fix Deletion of multiple sub-admin objects
  • Fix CSS team resources modal
  • Fix CSS fix for VM tables
  • Fix Close AD modal after completion
  • Fix Empty trash action
  • Fix Wording in Management sections
  • Fix Remove ‘owned by me’ in Vault
  • Fix Directory project tagging updates
  • Fix Project tagging updates
  • Fix Risk Assessment ID set for Teams

VM permission profile support with the latest VMC software

Add bulk email action for all membership pages in Management

Add name and password for entry points into inboxes supported with the latest inbox software