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tiCrypt Version 2.0.22 Release

· 2 min read
Betuel Gag

tiCrypt Version 2.0.22 Release

  • New Compute Disk Usage for the Vault
  • New Drive detach confirmation
  • New Bulk remove backup objects
  • New Display project membership expiration in the management table
  • New Add drive unattached confirmation mistake
  • New Add drive letters to VM File tree

  • Fix: VM to Vault transfer
  • Fix: Utilize new API to list large entries (over 256) from Vault
  • Fix: Notification for re-syncing license rules
  • Fix: Recursive copy group share
  • Fix: Backup domain object lists all projects (not only project membership for single user)
  • Fix: Read-write drive selector choice selectable upon changing drive
  • Fix: VM permissions checkboxes fixed
  • Fix: Add drive unattached confirmation modal
  • Fix: Audit log table under Management CSS change
  • Fix: Backup strategy description changed
  • Fix: File action bar clears for deselecting and selecting all
  • Fix: Hide DNE error when not relevant for VM start up

Compute Disk Usage for the Vault

Compute Disk Usage action in My Vault

Drive Detach Confirmation

Confirmation message when Detaching Drive

Drive letters are now displayed

Mount Path View of Attached Drives in VM

Add drive letters to VM File tree

Drive Slot Number in VM

Bulk remove backup objects

Backup Objects Bulk Delete Option

Project membership expiration

Displayed Project Membership Expiration

Resyncing License Notification

Diplayed License Notification Re-sync

Backup domain object lists all projects

Backup Object to Tagged Project Creation