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· One min read
Betuel Gag
  • Fix Access Directories in local machine transfer
  • Fix VM error notifications
  • Fix VMC version now displayed in basic VM info box
  • Fix Drive table open by default

· One min read
Betuel Gag
  • New Add ACL support for Access Directories
  • New Drive table icon replaces the old Drives tab under Virtual Machines
  • New VM table shows running VMs in the list view
  • New VM Users, User Profiles, and Access Directories table enhancements

  • Fix Disable all VM actions until the home drive is attached
  • Fix System service logs show in descending order
  • Fix Show the deactivation reason in basic user information
  • Fix CSS fixes

· One min read
Betuel Gag
  • New Add percentage progress in tasks

  • Fix Add bulk action VM hardware setup for single-select
  • Fix Typo in mailbox modal
  • Fix Ongoing transfers will not close the web socket connection for bulk transfer

· One min read
Betuel Gag
  • New Add integrated help search with tiCrypt docs

  • New Bulk action on sub-admin managed objects

  • New Copy to clipboard for VM XML

  • Fix Keyboard navigation and keybindings in Vault

  • Fix Multiple user project membership update

  • Fix Expand chevrons for drives and access directories

  • Fix Remove the directory field option when transferring with the button

  • Fix Submit a support ticket now in the user card menu

  • Fix Close overlay when a user is added to a group

  • Fix Export team membership to CSV bad dates

  • Fix Terminal hub consistency

  • Fix CSS Styles

· One min read
Betuel Gag
  • Fix Hardware ID in Nutanix VM Hardware Setups

  • Fix Ban double-clicking on an icon to open multiple of the same modal

· One min read
Betuel Gag
  • New Downloading files and directories from the Vault will bypass the browser and use the application

  • Fix Item count in Management remains correct after you navigate away

· One min read
Betuel Gag
  • New Compression algorithm support and levels in Advanced Options on drive creation (must have the corresponding filesystem on VM image)
  • New Add regex account name verifier under deployment settings for deployments not using MFA

  • Fix Remove second confirmation when creating inboxes from directories

· One min read
Betuel Gag
  • New Unmounted drives warning will appear if drives are not mounted upon VM connection
  • New Remove share action on files in the ‘shared with you’ folder

  • Fix Auto-refresh list of VM and configs when navigating back to VMs
  • Fix Give user feedback if a file cannot be viewed in the browser preview
  • Fix Permanently delete when deleting or emptying trash for folders and files with a warning
  • Fix Name conflict error when moving to trash
  • Fix Angular upgrade fix for deployment settings fields
  • Fix CSS text alignment