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tiCrypt is a complete cryptographic private cloud solution built by Tera Insights LLC, that allows organizations to be CMMC 2.0 and NIST 800-53 compliant.

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  • The beginnings of tiCrypt.
  • How to start your tiCrypt journey today.

Early Beginnings

In 2012, Dr. Alin Dobra worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering at the University of Florida. He was asked to devise a solution that would be FISMA-compliant, allowing better secure research for sensitive academic projects within the university.

In those days, the conventional pathways of Cloud computing and Access Controlled Lists stood as the pillars of security. Yet, the limitations of these approaches became starkly evident. Across the expanse of American academia, universities struggled to sustain a mere handful of projects due to the exorbitant resource costs involved – a stifling bottleneck that demanded innovation.

From the crucible of this challenge, a pioneering concept was conceived: tiCrypt emerged, a creation that defied the norms of its time. The birth of tiCrypt caused a seismic shift in research computing, introducing an unprecedented principle-based solution. What set tiCrypt apart from its peers was its foundation rooted entirely in public-key cryptography, a technology as intricate and formidable as the digital currency Bitcoin itself. The audacity of this idea lay in its inherent safeguarding nature – hacking tiCrypt meant trying to hack Bitcoin currency, an impossible attempt until this day.

Since 2012, the Tera Insights team has spent over eight years developing and cautiously perfecting the product without altering its ultra-secured public key cryptography mechanism.

As a result, tiCrypt quickly became a fully compliant solution from all technical points of view.

Today, as the sun sets on the passage of time since its inception, tiCrypt stands resolute – an eternal guardian of secure research, an emblem of innovation unaffected by market changes, government regulations, or changes in the US economy.

Dr. Dobra's vision, harnessed through technical knowledge, yielded a legacy that inspires and safeguards large academic institutions in pursuing excellence with no bounds or constraints.

Your next step is to install tiCrypt on your local machine using the Quick Install Guide.


If you already installed tiCrypt locally, select one of the following user roles that represent you the best in tiCrypt.


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