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Frontend Fundamentals

tiCrypt Frontend Overview

The front end of tiCrypt is the core of the user experience.

Unlike the intricate back end, the front end offers a user-friendly interface. It facilitates easy adoption for new users, enabling them to engage with the system.

tiCrypt users enjoy extended accessibility, as they can execute prompt commands directly from the user interface. This feature enriches the user experience within the virtual machine environment.

Users are given control of the platform to manage their space via permissions and features.

Concerning permissions, both sub-administrators and administrators possess significant customization options. Specifically, each user can access a vast array of 2 to the power of 56 permission combinations.

Frontend has three primary tabs on the top left, each having its sections:

Includes: Files, Users, Groups and Projects.
tiCrypt Frontend Tabs

Each tab will show up based on the user permission. For example, some users may see only the Vault and Virtual Machines tab, while others may see the Management tab.

On the right, there are three sections which correspond to each user profile:

Includes: My profile, My profile Picture, Theme, My Teams' Resource Usage, Suspend, Change Password and Logout option.
tiCrypt Frontend Menu

Profiles of each user may be personalized by theme or role.

At the page bottom, there are three areas that have to do with product licensing & compliance:

Includes: Frontend changelog of all tiCrypt frontend (f), backend (b), and connect app (c) versions.
tiCrypt Frontend Footer

Automatic frontend version updates will always show up in the Access changelog.

tiCrypt Connect Summary

The tiCrypt Connect application allows users to connect to the secured tiCrypt front end.

Users install tiCrypt Connect on their local Mac, Windows, or Linux machine and then use their local browser to connect directly to the tiCrypt front end from their desktop.


To learn how to install tiCrypt on your local machine, please read the Create a New tiCrypt Account section.