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Audit- the tiCrypt way

Auditing and Compliance are two sides of the same coin. tiAudit is what enables one to have an end-to-end picture of how activities go in tiCrypt, who does what, and when. It allows playing with the data with unlimited restrictions while presenting a true image of history. This serves as a channel over which data is pushed from tiCrypt

Executive Summary

tiAudit provides capabilities of auditing, data analytics, and reporting the same in a concise package. This serves as an interactive interface to get the detailed overview of the activity in tiCrypt- being filtered upon users, projects and much more. Extensive charting and power to exercise all ClickHouse abilities allows one to be a super admin and have a complete true picture of the full history.

  • The biggest star feature of tiAudit is: One click download of all reports. All reports that will fulfill the compliance need are done with one click- which are customizable to the full extent.
  • A ton of already saved queries save the day whenever data has to be looked at for a specific concern; which in themselves are spotted by strong search capabilities.

The Trifacta


This is the idea equivalent to that of notifications. All the informational content is presented here - especially the ones concerning permissions, restrictions or blockchain status concerns.


This feature is the bread and butter of tiAudit. It provides one the ability to create and download built-in and custom reports with ease- one click; while exercising powers of a super admin. The reports not only cater to compliance but give an open doorway into data analytics. They allow customization on basis of parameters like time period of concern, objects of importance which can help collect a subset of audit history in the reports.

The download gives an extensive collection of all reports in the much-known .xls format which can be further use for analysis. Extensive charting capability is provided to get a visual picture of how the trends are.

First look of reports


These are the in-built queries that help search over the Clickhouse database collecting tiCrypt logs for the most commonly queried data. The queries in themselves are parameterized on time, the status of concern and the result size; whenever relevant giving flexibility to get the data subset which are of interest.

To assist easy picking of query, filters are provided that narrow down the search not just on basis of objects like teams or users, but also on type that is served by that query- like Alerts, Compliance etc.

First look of reports

Advanced Features


This is the meta-programming feature that enables one to access all the querying capabilities of Clickhouse via SQL statements with extensive filtering capabilities. This gives the ability to do ad-hoc querying.


This is the feature that allow one to manage userbase of tiAudit and also gives capability to customize/ create report from another one. Mainly, it provides the following options-

  • Users - This is the list of all the users who have access to the system
  • Invitations - To add in more users to the same tiAudit instance
  • Access Tokens - To provide temporary access to any users who have to access the system for a limited period of time
  • Reports - This list the report structures present in the system, the queries they contain; and ability to clone the reports onto a new one and customize it to one's need
  • Upload - Ability to reload the data from scratch; if required in case of data corruption
  • Queries - List of queries present in the system, assists in query management as what is its king, metadata about author and time of creation of query etc.