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tiCrypt Version 2.0.16 Release

· One min read
Betuel Gag
  • Fix: Update registration wording for Login ID
  • Fix: Select all for group and VM permissions
  • Fix: Contrast in dark mode for checkboxes
  • Fix: Re-name Login ID column name
  • Fix: Remove unused information buttons
  • Fix: Toggle icon for hidden files in VM transfer panel clearer
  • Fix: Allow comma character in PI field
  • Fix: Project selection searchable
  • Fix: GPU resource shown in quota view
  • Fix: CSS fix in service log and VM messages in Management
  • Fix: Detect is javascript is not enabled
  • Fix: Update registration wording
  • Fix: Add project information icons to Management
  • Fix: Add runtime to VMs in Management
  • Fix: Allow for individual one click select to select multiple rows at once
  • Fix: Increase contrast on text prompts
  • Fix: Drive details show all shares
  • Fix: Team modal has delete for individual users
  • Fix: Changelog opens at top of log
  • Fix: Mismatch between counts in No Role
  • Fix: Search bar for users in User VM modal
  • Fix: Update wording for LoginID
  • Fix: Group share implemented when sharing file via modal