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What happens in tiCrypt backend when I share a file with another user?

The frontend is adversarial to the backend based on the tiCrypt principle: Trust but verify.

Therefore the backend will compare the object key of the file you would like to share with your local summary of the key in a millisecond.

When you share a file the system will use key-pinning actions.

tiCrypt will keep a summary of your key in your local machine to verify it against any future action requests. The moment you have a discrepancy in your summary key, the system will lock you while registering all actions in the audit logs.

The principle is similar to the bitcoin blockchain.

  • Although the tiCrypt server would be attacked, your SHA 256 hash fingerprint of the key is safely stored locally.
  • Your SHA 256 hash fingerprint cannot be forged by any other key.

To attempt breaking an SHA 256 key is equally hard to attempt breaking all the existing bitcoins in the world.