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Use an SFTP client to transfer in data to tiCrypt

Download an SFTP client

If you do not currently have an SFTP client on your local, please download FileZilla as a Mac user and WinSCP for Microsoft Windows users.

Once given the credential link, paste it into the browser and you will be brought to a page with instructions as seen below.

Visit the SFTP instructions page

Open up your SFTP client. In this demo, FileZilla will be utilized.

  1. The left panel represents your local and the right side represents the remote site that you will be connected to. First, locate the file that you want to transfer in by expanding the "/" directory on the left side. Most of the time you will be in the "Users" folder.
  2. Select the "Site Manager" button located at the top left side as seen in the video below.
  3. Select "New Site" and give it a name.
  4. In the General tab, change the protocol using the dropdown to SFTP.
  5. Using the instruction sheet, enter the corresponding information in.
Create a site Manager Profile

Once you set up this site manager it will always exist (until it expires) within your SFTP client and the next time you want to add files you can use the Quickconnect button.

Next, drag and drop files from the left panel into the directory of the vault on the left side as seen below.

Drag and Drop Files

That's it! Your files will be in the vault as soon as the queue is empty. You can check to see that the files are in your vault by selecting the directory that you made an SFTP inbox and checking the files inside.

View Transfered Files

The files that are now in the directory are prefaced with the SFTP username; in the demo example, it was SFTP.