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Register New Users


Before registering a new user, admins should have the following in place:

  • Created Teams & Team structure
  • Created Groups & Group structure
  • User profiles structure
  • Projects & Project structure (if classified):
    • Security levels, requirements and certifications
  • (Optional ) Virtual machines and Drive structure
  • Making sure the users have made an account and are pending activation from an admin
  1. Go to > Users > Select the appropriate users by checking the box in front of them.

By now you must have a team ready.

  1. Add the user to the preferred team by clicking the Add to team button at the top right corner.

  2. Activate the newly registered user by clicking Change state to Active in the top right.

  3. Select the role of the user by clicking the Apply profile from the top panel, and set user role to 'User'.


By now you must have a project ready.

  1. (Optionally) Add user to projects by clicking on Add to project

By now you should have a Virtual Machine and a drive attached to it.

  1. (Optionally) Share your Drive with the user or let the user make their own VMs and drives (You may let a sub-admin/ project leader make the drive and share it with the user).

Virtual Machines are specifically addressed in the Virtual Machines Tab.

Full Registration Process

Register New Users

By selecting multiple users, you can register them using bulk actions in the management tab.