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Use the Filter Panel

Each section in the tab allows filtering the data. Filtering includes:

  • function which will select all the entries of the section.
  • . Remove all filters from current table will clean all filtering of the section in the management tab.
  • . Remove all column customization this option will remove all column and panel edits globally turning all changes back to default. E.g.: adjusting panels widths, sorting tables, resized columns, hidden columns, and multi-sorting.

The following filters are applied based on the section name.


  • .Users: Login ID, First name, Last name, Profile, Role, Status, Teams, Deactivation reason, Contact email, Can Escrow.
  • .Deleted Users: Email, Last name, First name, Deleted by.
  • .Sub-admin Managed Objects: Manger, Object, Type.
  • .User Profiles: Name, Role.
  • .Resources by User: User.


  • .Teams: Name, Risk assessment ID.
  • .Team Memberships: Team, User.


  • .Security Requirements: Requirement, Type, Levels.
  • .Security Levels: Name, Requirements.
  • .Projects: Name, Personal Investigator (PI), Level, Parent.
  • .Project Memberships: Project, User, Joined, Modified, Manager, Restrictions.
  • .User Certifications: Requirement, User, Modified by.
  • .Resources by Project Project.

Virtual Machines

  • . Realms: Name, Driver.
  • . Libvirt Hosts: Name, Realm, State, Connected, URI, Hardware Profile.
  • . Hardware Profiles:Name, Realm, Devices.
  • . Libvirt Storage Pools: Name, Realm, Type, Location.
  • . Libvirt Volumes: Realm, Pool, Volume.
  • . VM Images: Name, Parent, Type, Info.
  • . VM Hardware Setups: Name, Debug, Realm, Image, Operating System (Os), Devices, Created by.
  • . VM Configurations: Name, State, Owner(s), Brick, Team, Virtual Machine, Fixed MAC.
  • . Running VMs: Name, Owner, Team, Debug, Conn, Template, VM ID, Host Server, IP Adress, MAC Address.
  • . Past VMs: Name, Owner, Team, Debug, Template, Host Server, IP Address, MAC Address.
  • . Service VMs: Name, Owner, Active, Image, Host Server, IP Address, MAC Address.
  • . Drives: Name, Owner, Team, ID, Format, Backup, Type, Pool.
  • . ISO Images: Name, Realm, Owner,File, Bootable, Service.
  • . Licensing Servers: Server, Ports, Protocol, Active, Group, Created by.


  • . Backup Strategies: Name.
  • . Backup Domains: Name, Owner, Strategy, Driver, Driver Info.
  • . Backup Objects: Domain, Object, Type.
  • . Backup Status: Name, Type, Status.


  • . Escrow Users: User, Email, Groups, Status, Department, Position.
  • . Escrow Certificates: Type, Signed by.


  • . System Services: Name, Service, Running, Description.
  • . Audit Logs: Type, Arg 1, Arg 2, Arg 3, ... Arg 20.
  • . System Settings: The section has a search bar in the top right allowing keyword search.