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Updating instructions

Upgrading tiCrypt Audit requires the following steps:

  • Download the new RPM
  • Install the new RPM
  • Edit the configuration files to bring them up to date
  • Restart tiCrypt Audit services

The most up to date RPMs are link:{ta-dir}{ta-file}[]



wget {ta-dir}{ta-file}


yum -y install {ta-file}

To update the config files, if necessary, look at the <<config>> chapter for the full description of the available parameters and sections. This is particularly important if the first or second number in the version is different than the installed version.

Restart the Services

Follow the instructions below:

systemctl restart tiaudit-logger systemctl restart tiaudit

== Re-loading the logs

If your version of tiCrypt is very old, you might consider re-loading the logs from scratch to make sure all tiCrypt Audit features work properly.

Assuming that:

  • Your database name is tiAudit
  • The log files are in directory /var/log/ticrypt

To reload the data from scratch do the following:

Stop the services

systemctrl stop tiaudit systemctrl stop tiaudit-logger

Delete the database

clickhouse-client drop database tiAudit

Load the data

tiaudit-log-uploader -c /etc/tiaudit/log-uploader.toml /var/log/ticrypt

Re-start the services

systemctrl start tiaudit systemctrl start tiaudit-logger