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Install tiCrypt on your local machine


The first step in tiCrypt installation is to acquire the tiCrypt Connect application. Your host institution should give this to you. Once you have it, save it on your desktop. When you click on it, a connect page will open in your browser. Follow the steps presented on the screen.

Deployment File

Once the tiCrypt Connect application installation process is completed, users will need to launch the application and upload a deployment file (.dep file) given to them by their institution. This action is a one-time action that will upload instructions on how to find the server for your specific deployment. Click on UPLOAD DEPLOYMENT FILE to upload the file. The file can be uploaded from your local machine or can be pulled from a valid URL.

Import Deployment File

Manage the frontend versions

Once you have imported your deployment file, you also need to import the front end. New frontends get released all the time, so it is good practice to import them as you gain access to them. Select "version management" and select the file as seen in the video below.

Import Front End

The deployment files and frontend versions should be granted to you from your host institution. You should download them and save them to your desktop. Once imported to your connect, you can remove them from your local.

Your installation is complete! If you have not yet registered for an account, you must do so. For more on this, please visit the blog titled "How to register for a tiCrypt account.