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Add Users to your Virtual Machine

Business case

You want people in your organization or research group to be able to launch a virtual machine if it ever gets shut down. The virtual machine may get shut down, for example, if new software needs to be installed.

How to give a user access to your virtual machine.

Users can grant others the ability to launch a virtual machine by adding users to their virtual machine configurations. This feature allows user access to both the virtual machine configuration AND the drive, yet as a user, you only have to add them once.

To add users to your virtual machine:

  1. Navigate to the tab in the top panel and select tab on the top left panel.
  2. Select the virtual machine you would like to add users to.
  3. Click the User Management card on the right panel.
  4. Click the Add User(s) button at the top panel.
  5. A modal will appear prompting you to enter the user names that you would like to add to your virtual machine, their role and their permissions.
  6. Click then add more users in the same way.
  7. Once you are happy with the number of users, click button on the bottom right.
Adding Users to a Virtual Machine
  1. When you add a user to a virtual machine, they will need to connect to the virtual machine by clicking

  2. The user does not need to attach any drive.


Users can continue the lineage of adding other users to the virtual machine they were added to as long as they are on the same team and have permission to add other users to the virtual machine configuration.


The names listed in the managers card are usually the owners of the virtual machine.