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Onboarding new users as an admin

How to onboard new users to a team

Once a user has registered themselves, they will appear under the management panel with the rest of the active and inactive users. As an admin, search for the user's name and select the three vertical dots to the right. Then select team.

Onboarding a New

A sub-admin will not be able to add a new user to their team as sub-admins can only manage and see people who are already part of their team. This must be done by an admin.


Users must be added to a team before they are activated. Please do not forget this step!

Once an admin has placed a new user onto a team, they can activate them as seen below.

Activate New User

Notice how most features are greyed out before the person is added to a team.


At this point, we highly recommend adding a user to a project.


A team is used for managing quotas in terms of space and data. Projects are used to restrict who can and who cannot access specific resources.

A user may not be able to access files or virtual machines if those resources are tagged by a project and the user is not part of that project. In order to put a user into any amount of projects, follow the steps below.

In the following example, we will be adding a user to a project that is called "One." For the sake of the demonstration, it is known that the project "One" is secured with the security level of "HIPPA".

  1. Navigate to the users' panel and locate the user that you are onboarding. Select the three vertical dots and click on security certificates.
  2. Check to see that the security certificates that the user currently has, satisfy a given level for the intended project. If they do not meet the security level, select the blue plus icon and grant them as many security certificates as they need to meet a specific level. In this case, the user needs HIPAA training.

If a project is tagged with multiple security levels, a user must obtain all of the security certificates for each level to be part of the project. If you do not know what security levels are in each project, go to the projects tab to see what level tags them.

  1. The admin can choose to give an expiration date for this security certificate.
  2. Once the user meets all of the given security levels of a project, navigate to the projects tab and locate the project you are adding a member to. Select the three vertical dots and select manage project. You can add members to a project as seen in the video below.
Add User to Project

At this point, the user is fully onboarded in the system and only needs maintenance if new security requirements are added or if their security certifications have expired.