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Create and Use an Inbox

Business Case

It may the case that the research team needs outside information from an individual or organization who is not a part of the team and does not have an account with tiCrypt. It would be limited to grant accounts only for people who are part of your research under your institution. The solution for this problem is tiCrypt inboxes.

What is an inbox?

An inbox in tiCrypt is essentially a "mailbox" that is used by outside individuals to import data into the system. As you know, any individual who has an account can easily drag and drop files or directories from their local into the vault. Users who do not have an account use an inbox created by a tiCrypt user. Follow the steps below to see how an inbox is created and used.

Create an inbox

  1. Locate a directory in your vault. You can use an existing directory or you can create a new one as seen in the video below. Right-click on the directory that you would like to turn into an inbox and select "Make inbox". Set the expiration date and size of your inbox, and then copy the URL.

Only users who have inbox permissions can accomplish this task. If the "Make Inbox" is not an option, it means you do not have the permissions.

Create an inbox
  1. Send the inbox URL to the individual who is importing data into tiCrypt. When they navigate to the inbox URL, it will bring them to a tiCrypt page. After agreeing to the terms, users can select or drag and drop files that they need to import into the system as seen below.

We highly encourage an expiration date on inboxes. Individuals who obtain the inbox URL cannot ever gain access to tiCrypt.

Use inbox
  1. The owner of the inbox can review the files that were imported by clicking on the inbox and viewing the new files or directories inside of it.

  2. If you have received all necessary information or the inbox has expired, it is now time to delete the inbox. Right-click on the inbox and select manage inbox. Then select delete. Watch the video below to see how to accomplish this.

Remove inbox.

You must delete the inbox and turn it back into a directory in order to transfer it into the virtual machine. Inboxes CANNOT be put into a virtual machine.


Notice how the inbox icon prior to deleting the inbox was a mailbox. After deleting it, it turns back into a directory.

  1. It is now time to get that outside data into a virtual machine. Navigate to the virtual machines panel and select the virtual machine in which you would like to import that data. Click on the transfer icon as seen below.
Transfer files to VM
6. When you click on the transfer icon, a panel will expand where the left side is your vault and the right side is the file tree of the virtual machine. You can drag and drop files and directories from your vault into the virtual machine as seen above.

This concludes how to securely import outside data into the system, and transfer it into your virtual machine.