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A user may want to share a file with more than just individual users. A user has the ability to create groups which support collaboration within tiCrypt.

Create a Group

A user can create a group by accessing the group tab on the top right hand side and clicking on the plus button. Once clicked, a modal will appear that prompts the user to input the group name, and an optional project. The creator of a group must be in a project to tag that project to their group. A user may want to tag a group to a project if they want security levels within the group. If the user does not meet the security requirements for the project that tags the group, the individual can see that they are in fact part of that group, though they cannot see the content in that group directory.

Create Group

Once the user clicks "create" they will see the group name show up in their Group Directories and in the "GROUPS" tab on the left-hand side. The user can access Group Directories on the left-hand side underneath "My Files" The owner or any manager of the group is provided multiple options for group management.

Multiple groups may be tagged with the same project tag

Every group has a list of actions that can be accessed by selecting the three vertical dots to the right of the group name. The actions are as follows.

Table List of group actions

RenameBy clicking on 'Rename', the owner or manager is allowed to re-name the group.
ManageBy clicking on manage, a user can add or remove users to the group.
Edit ProjectBy clicking on 'Edit Project', the owner or manager can add or remove a project tag for the group. If the group shows an 'Unlocked' label, no project tag is associated with the group, and therefore, no further restrictions are in effect.
Delete GroupOnce all access points are deleted from an inbox, the inbox is transformed back to an ordinary directory in the system. Users can delete access points individually or delete the inbox entirely. By clicking 'Delete Inbox', all access points are removed.

Rename a group

A user can rename a group if they have the correct permissions within that group as seen in the video below.

Rename a Group


By clicking on "Manage," users who have the correct permissions in the group can add or remove members. Additionally, when adding users to the group, permissions can be specified. This allows for group owners and managers to control membership and permissions on a per-user basis.

A new member can be added by clicking the plus icon in the top right of the modal and typing their name into the search bar. The user may grant or deny this newly added user permissions pertaining to the group.

Add Group Members

Edit Project

A user may decide to change the security level on the members of their group. In other words, they want to change the project that is linked to the group. A user who has permissions to edit the project may do so by clicking on the three vertical buttons to the right of the group and selecting "Edit project." The user can only change the tagged projects to projects in which they are members of. If certain members of the group are not part of the newly tagged project, the group content will not be visible until they maintain the correct certifications.

Delete Group

A user may delete a group by selecting the red trash can next to the group name. This action is irreversible.