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All Users

Users are anyone who is registered in the system. This includes regular users, admins, sub-admins, and super admins. The users can be searched and filtered by email, first and last name, status, role, teams, etc.

User Management

The users tab is where users are granted activation, their permissions, teams, projects, and certifications. This information can be accessed by selecting on the user, and a modal on the left side will appear that provides all of the basic information on that user.

User Access

The actions that can be taken for each user are as follows:

Bulk EmailAllows users to copy or download specified a user's email.
Make announcementAllows users who have access to the management tab to make an announcement to selected users.
Dry-update (log)Allows users to update all the user information with the same content. The purpose is to re-record their information in the audit log.
Add certificationAllows users to grant certifications which are necessary to be in a project.
Add to projectAllows users to edit the First/Last Name, contact email, department and position.
Add to teamAllows users to be added to a team.
Change roleAllows users to alter the type of user they are in the system.
Apply profileAllows users to apply a user profile.
Change stateAllows users to alter a user's state.
Edit metadataAllows users to edit the First/Last Name, contact email, department and position.
Delete Users with higher roles can completely delete a user from the system which removes their existence from the database. Deleted users cannot be reactivated.

Most of the actions listed above can be done for a bulk of users. For example, a list of users can be selected and then added to a team. Actions that can be done on multiple users remain in the top menu bar after more than one user is selected. In order to select multiple users, hold down the shift button.

Bulk Email

The bulk email action allows users to select a bulk of other users and copy or download their email addresses. This is an alternative way to grab emails in order to communicate with users via an email client.

Make announcement

The make announcement action allows users to select an announcement to a bulk of users at once.


The dry update action is used to ensure that a user and all of their information is propagated to the audit log.

Add certification

This action is used to grant user certifications that are needed to meet project requirements. This action can be applied to multiple users at once.

Add to project

A user can be added to a project by selecting the three vertical dots in the left info panel as seen above with teams. Users may also select multiple users and add all of them to a project as seen in the video below.

Add multiple users to a project.

Add to team

A user can be added to a team in this section. For more about teams and why they are crucial, please visit the Teams section of documentation. In the video below, multiple users are selected to be added to a team.

User Team Membership

Change role

A user's role can be altered such as user to admin or admin to user. One must have the correct permissions to promote or demote users.

Change the state of a user

Apply Profile

Change state

A user's state is defined by a user being active or inactive. A user can change state here as well as if their account can be escrowed.

A user's account can also be deactivated the same way. When deactivating a user, a reason must be provided for this action.

Change the state of a user

Edit Metadata

Once a user is in the system, they may wish to edit information such as their name, their contact email, or their role. This can be accomplished as follows.

Edit User Information

Delete User

Delete User Information