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Security Levels

Security Level

A security level is a collection of security requirements plus a name and description. The sole purpose of security levels is to reuse the same set of security requirements for multiple projects, which we will get to next.

It may be the case that there needs to be a security level than encompasses a valid driver's license and a valid passport. We can create a new security level called "Valid US permits" and we will add the license and passport requirements to it as seen below.

Create a security requirement

There are a variety of actions for a security level that populate on the left side by selecting on the level.

Edit Edit the basic info of a security requirement.
DeleteDelete a security requirement.

A user can edit the name of the level or edit the security requirements that make up the level. A user can also delete the level.

Users do not obtain security levels. Users obtain security certifications that come from requirements.
Security requirement actions