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What is a team?

Teams are a management tool used by administrators to group users together based on maintaining a quota. When a user is placed in a team they are granted a certain amount of "data" that must be shared amongst all of the team members. Teams are completely independent of groups and projects. Teams simply restrict the amount of data usage that a user has.

All Teams

Within the "All teams" tab, users can see every team that exists in the system. Each row displays basic information about the team such as the number of members and the current data usage.

All Teams actions

There are a variety of actions that can be done in this tab. A few of these actions can be done to multiple teams at a time. To select multiple teams, hold down shift while clicking the team's row as seen below.

Select multiple teams at once.

The actions that can be done to teams can be accessed in either the top menu bar or in the left panel when selecting a team as seen below.

Accessing team actions two ways.
Delete Users can delete a team from the system. All users must be removed from the team before it can be deleted.
Assign to subadminAllows users to edit the First/Last Name, contact email, department and position.
Edit metadataAllows users to edit data such as the name and description of a team.
Edit quotasAllows users to edit the quotas of that team such as memory, storage and drive size.
Make announcementAllows users to make an announcement to selected teams. These messages will show up in notifications.
Add membersAllows users to add one or more users to selected teams.

Getting started with a Team

Create a team

A user can create a team by selecting the plus icon located in the top right of the screen as seen below while in the "All Teams tab."

Create a team.

Edit quotas

Next, users should edit the quotas as that is the main purpose of teams. This can be accessed using the left panel or the top action menu.

Edit quotas.

Add Members

Finally, users should add members to their team. This can be accessed using the left panel or the top action menu.

Add members to the team.

Teams vs Team Memberships

There are two subtabs underneath the main Teams topic; Teams and Team memberships. Although they have similar functionality, each tab was implemented to assist the user in different scenarios.

The Teams tab is where teams get created. From there, all of the above actions can be done. The Team Memberships tab serves a higher purpose when it comes to doing bulk actions.

If a user needs to delete a team from the system, they must first remove all members from that team. The user would go to the Team Memberships tab and filter by that team. From there the user could select all members from that team and remove their membership.