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Deployment Settings

Deployment settings are default back-end system settings that can be overwritten by admins. Any change in deployment settings will affect the entire deployment.

List of deployment settings in tiCrypt:

Login Logo Change the logo that will be displayed on the login page.
Navigation Bar Logo Change the logo that will be displayed in the top-left corner once the user is logged in.
Session and Key Timeouts Change the timeout policy of the system.
Mailbox Settings Change the base URL that is displayed when user's create a Mailbox/Inbox.
CUI Marking Determine where CUI markings should be displayed in the system.
Password Strength Determine acceptable strength for user passwords, which are used to encrypt their private keys.
Private Key Cache Determine when the encrypted private keys get cached in browser-local storage. Local storage will persist through browser restarts and even computer reboots.
MFA Cache Determine when users' multi-factor tokens get cached in session-local storage. Session storage gets cleared as soon as all tiCrypt tabs are closed.