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Easy Tutorial

This is the easy tutorial! System Services: allow for a super admin to restart a specific service in frontend or to look at logs of a specific service to better debug

Audit log: interface that shows the lines of the audit log being written; confirms that the auditing is working

There are two different types of backups within tiCrypt. The first is called a full backup and this does a complete backup of all the resources. Recovering the resource only requires the information in such a backup. The second type is an incremental backup that only backs up the delta or the changes since the last backup. All the incremental backups between the recovery point and a checkpoint are required to recover the resources covered by the backup.

Backup Strategies

Backup strategies specify what type of resource to back-up and how often.

Backup domains

Backup domains specify the specific resource to back up together with the backup strategy. All the resources covered by a backup domain are backed up together.

Backup domains are simply collections of users/projects/teams that need to be backed up together. The backup domains can be set up at the sub-admin level and do not require full admin access. Only resources that the sub-admin has access to can be included in a backup domain. Specifically:

  • If a sub-admin manages a team, the team can be added
  • If a sub-admin manages a project, the project can be added
  • If a user is in a team or a project managed by a sub-admin, the user can be added

Backup Objects

This tab shows all of the objects in the system that are backed up.

Backup: an incremental or full backup of a specific backup domain at a specific point in time.

External Backup Server: server with SFTP connectivity that holds the backup files externally.

Backup Solution: Software running on the external backup server that backs up the files on tapes/cloud. Except for SFTP interface availability, there is no requirement for an external backup server. In particular, any operating system and backup solution can be used.