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Add/Remove User to Projects


This allows for a user to be added to or deleted from a project.


navigating to user projects

Navigate to the tab along the top of the page.
In the navigation pane, select Users
Find the user you would like to edit and then click the to the right of their name.
Click the Projects button on the sidebar.


Team Membership

Deleting a user from a project

Deleting a user from a project

Click the project you wish to edit membership to.
In the right pane, you can choose to edit the expiration date, change management status, or delete the membership by clicking the Delete Membership icon.


Delete User

Adding a user to a project

Click the next to the search bar to add a member.
In the right pane, you can search for projects to add the user to, edit expiration date, and change management status.


Add user to a project